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bridgeport-house-elevation-2 bridgeport-house-gym-1 bridgeport-house-elevation preston-house-pool-and-air-hockey bridgeport-house-lounge-pool-air-hockey bridgeport-house-elevation-2_for-web kitchen-in-suites-bh-and-ph kitchen-in-suites-bh-and-ph-2 preston-house-elevation-1 Bridgeport Student House Ball preston-house-study mailboxes bridgeport-house-concierge bridgeport-house-study-space

the rez-one
condo style living

student time management skills waterloo

Time Management Tips for University & College Students in Waterloo

Having strong time management skills is key for University or College students wanting succeed while away at school. Here are some tips for how to develop time management skills while you are away at University or College in Waterloo…

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You’ve found us on FEDS planner! Now what?

The fully furnished Rez-One has private en-suite bathroom, huge windows, biggest bedroom, and is 5-7 minutes from campus. Download the floorplans of: Preston House and Bridgeport House OR simply Book a Tour with us and we’ll show you in person.

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international students in waterloo

International Students’ Guide to Living in Waterloo

Traveling abroad to another country or continent is the first time students have left their family for an extended period of time. It can be very challenging to know you are choosing the best quality student housing in another country because you cannot be there in person to see it for yourself. We’d like to offer a few quick tips to international students coming to Waterloo.

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