Why Rez-One

Comfort & Security


Rez-One student living means having your needs anticipated and met. We understand that the challenges of study should not be added to by an uncomfortable or distracting living situation. The way we see it, if you are invested in your own future, we’re here to help you reach your goals. That philosophy is a foundation that our bricks are built on.

In each suite, every student has the privacy of his or her own room.

Rez-One Comfort

At Rez-One, we believe that your personal comfort will make a big difference in your studies. Because when you can relax, sleep well and enjoy the control of your personal space, you can better focus your attention where it needs to be. Rez-One suites range from 1700ft² and 1850ft². Every suite includes a fully equipped, modern kitchen and a furnished living room with a large, flat-screen TV. In each suite, every student has the privacy of his or her own room, which approximately measures a spacious 200ft². The rooms include a very comfortable double bed, side table, study desk with chair and a three piece en-suite bathroom. As well, every room includes ample closet space.

For your overall sense of security, all Rez-One houses are equipped with surveillance cameras covering the grounds and common spaces, key-fob entry access to the building and shared amenities, key-fob access to each suite and digital keypad access to each bedroom. As well, there are property staff and/or security personnel on site. When you add it all up, the Rez-One experience raises itself well above the typical expectations of student living.

The Rez-One experience raises itself well above the typical expectations of student living.

Light, Connectivity & Suite Privacy

We understand that you want privacy. Successful students need the ability to control their own space and choose to study on their own, without interruption.

Rez-One student apartments are designed to accommodate one person per room. Each private bedroom includes a very comfortable double bed, a side table and a study desk with chair. As well, every bedroom comes with a three piece en-suite washroom.

When we were building the Rez-One towers, we worked collaboratively with the City, the designers, the engineers, the fabricator and the installers to include the biggest windows possible. Each suite features a massive window in the shared kitchen and living space. And every bedroom has a large window as well. Because you need Internet access, Rez-One living includes fiber optic connection with unlimited bandwidth in each suite and WiFi access throughout the ground floor amenity areas. As well, every suite’s living room comes equipped with a large flat-screen television.

We contribute to the quality of your studies and to help shape your personal time.

For The Community

Counterbalancing the need for privacy, a sense of community also contributes to your success.

Our suites are designed to accommodate students in comfortable, manageable groups. Our common areas facilitate interaction between you and others, to create a greater sense of community.

In addition, we’re working to build programming designed to contribute to the quality of your studies and to help shape your personal time.

Finally, we invite everyone in the Rez-One community to enjoy the neighbourhood. We chose to locate our buildings in proximity to the schools they serve, but also close to a terrific of shopping, service and dining options.

get informed & make the right choice

At Rez-One, we believe in creating exceptional student experiences. We know that school keeps you very busy, so trust us to take care of your accommodation and lifestyle needs. Explore our properties, they all come equipped with great amenities and friendly service. Whether applying as part of a group, or alone, we have a residence for you – get in touch to learn more.

What Our



I am very pleased with Rez-One. Bridgeport House is very clean, all the suites are nicely furnished and spacious and the en-suite bathroom is perfect. Overall, Bridgeport House provides a student with all the luxury amenities and management is super friendly and responsive if you have any questions. The 24/7 security is also very beneficial and there is always someone at the reception desk to help with anything you might need.


Fergus House was top of the line! Was here for the grand opening and it couldn’t have gone better! Looking forward to many more years of residence! The onsite gym is really what sold it for me, never had to leave to get a high quality workout