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for 2017-2018
Fergus House. Blair House. Bridgeport House. Preston House.

Early Bird Special for Bridgeport and Preston!


The Rez-One Brand

We understand that there is a direct relationship between how well you live and how well you do. That’s why the purpose of the Rez-One brand is to redefine “student living.”

Rez-One owns and manages superior off-campus student apartments. Right now our properties include two towers in the Waterloo region – Preston House and Bridgeport House. Together they service the off-campus housing needs of students at the University of Waterloo, Sir Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College.

Our properties are designed, built and managed with a single purpose in mind – to facilitate student success.

Rez-One is operated by Rez-One Property Management.

For the Individual

We will say it again and again – Rez-One is dedicated to your success as a student. We see that as an individual, one-student-at-a-time value proposition. Because the factors upon which we’re seeking to build our reputation accumulate one success story at a time.

Ask anyone who has been to college or university whether where and how they lived played a part in how well they did and you’ll get a resounding “yes!”

That’s why we’ve developed the physical and social particulars of the Rez-One experience as we have. Because we want to see you succeed.


For the Community

Rez-One works to create and maintain a healthy, value-adding relationship with the communities in which our properties are and will be located. It starts with the development of urban responsive buildings, located in places where they will serve the needs of the community.

We see our properties as communities in and of themselves, but we also see a vital need to create an active relationship between the students who live in our suites and the businesses that are in the immediate and extended neighbourhood.

So in Waterloo, while we contribute to the health of the post secondary educational sector that is so important to the region’s economy, we also try to connect in a meaningfully local way.


For the Future

One of the things that set us apart from other off-campus student housing developments is that we’re involved in the whole picture – from the design of the buildings, to the the breaking of ground and construction, to the choices in furnishing, decoration and appointment, to the management of rental relationships and the development  of in-building student programming.

The result is that we’re as invested in the ongoing success of our properties as we are in the future success of the many students who will choose to live with us.

That means we make qualitative decisions through the building of our properties. It means we’re motivated by consideration of the local and world environment. And it means going forward in a spirit of ongoing investment.

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